Upcoming events



Carers Week 2018
11 – 17 June

Is looking at all the ways we can support carers to stay Healthy and Connected.

For details of the events being held during Carers Week for all unpaid carers in the Wokingham Borough area see here.

To book a place on the sessions please contact Wokingham Outreach Carers Service

Tel: 0118 324 7333 or Email: ask@berkshirecarershub.org  



Dementia Action Week   –  21 to 27 May 2018

Wokingham Film society with Wokingham Dementia Action Alliance will be presenting a dementia friendly film screening to mark the week.

‘Summer Holiday’ starring Cliff Richard and the Shadows will be shown on Wed 30th May, 1.30pm

The Whitty Theatre, Luckley House School, Luckley Road, Wokingham, RG40 3EU

See here for more details.



Alzheimer’s Show comes to Olympia 

 The Alzheimer’s Show, the UK’s leading event for dementia, offers practical advice, information  and support to help in the care of a person with Alzheimer’s dementia  and memory loss.  It’s on at Olympia London during 8th – 9th June 2018.

Tickets £15 online or £20 on the door.  A person with dementia goes free.

Find out more at: www.alzheimersshow.co.uk  



What do you think about the WBC Carers Strategy?

The Wokingham Carers Forum has a duty to review the current Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) Carers Strategy on a quarterly basis to make sure the actions that are listed are completed.

It is essential that WBC hears the views of local carers about how things are working. We’ve uploaded the Action Plan here for you to see.
This is an ongoing process so if you have any comments to make over the coming months please get in touch with Wokingham Outreach Carers Service on 0118 324 7333 or email: ask@berkshirecarershub.org