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Crossroads Care is a national network of local charities employing over 5,000 trained professionals nationwide and working with over 35,000 carers to help them make a life outside caring.

There are over 6 million people in Britain who care for others. Many of them reach a turning point, a “crossroads”, at which they feel they need help …where they may simply need a break or more regular support. This is what Crossroads Care does and is the core of what we offer in Wokingham and surrounding areas.

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Not for profit

As a charity, we care for people not for profit. No-one cares more than Crossroads Care, not just in the scale of what we do or the 20 years experience we have, but in the special way we think and plan our care and support.

Our Carer Support Staff are not here today and gone tomorrow. They love their work, and their training and long experience mean they understand what carers, and those they care for, need and feel. They know the simple things that really matter to our carers and their dependents.

It’s no surprise then that our staff build long and trusted relationships and that increasing numbers of carers and people with care needs turn to Crossroads Care for support than to any other social care provider.

The cost of carer support

There are four main ways in which carer support is funded:

  • Services funded by the local authorities via a grant to Crossroads Care Wokingham
  • Services where the local authority pay you directly and let you choose how you spend the money
  • Private services where you pay Crossroads Care Wokingham directly
  • Top up services where you can pay privately for services additional to those funded by the local authorities

Sometimes we are able to use charitable donations to fund ‘free’ care for carers during a crisis or for unexpected services such as weddings or funerals (subject to availability).

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