In Wokingham Borough Council the Back Me Up scheme operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  It provides urgent support to the cared for person in the event of a carer being unable to care because of sudden illness, accident or another unplanned event.  The scheme offers carers peace of mind knowing there will always be someone available to call should they be needed.

The Back Me Up scheme also provides cover for carers who need time off for a health related event such as hospital, GP, Dental appointments.

To register you need to complete an Emergency Plan which sets out the contingency arrangements that need to be put into place to provide support to the cared for person in an emergency.

You will be issued with a Carers Emergency Card with contact details to be used in an emergency or unplanned event.

For more information please call 0118 9795324 or email.

You can also ask to be assessed for our services by downloading the Referral Form below:

Click here.

Once completed please return by post to:

Wokingham Crossroads Care
Wokingham Community Hospital
Barkham Road
RG41 2RE

or send by email to: contact@wokinghamcrossroads.org

Bracknell Forest

In Bracknell Forest the scheme that is provided is called the Carers Emergency Respite scheme.  This provides cover for unplanned emergencies.  To register carers need to first undertake a carers assessment.

For more information please call Bracknell Forest Adult Services on Tel: 01344 351500 or email: Adult.Services@bracknell-forest.gov.uk